Casalogic was established in 2002 and is an IT consultant company.

We deliver IT infrastructure and development based on Open Source Software to a number of large and medium sized companies and public institutions. Casalogic’s offices are located south of Copenhagen, and most of our customers are Danish, but we are able to deliver our expertise outside of Denmark as well.

We are partners with RedHat, Novell, Canonical (Ubuntu), Astaro, Zimbra og Zarafa and others, all Open Source.

We sell subscriptions – i.e. commercial editions of Open Source Software – but our main business is the consultant business.

The company consists of two technical departments with consultants:
• Infrastructure
• Development

The infrastructure group has a lot of experience with IT operation, installation, configuration, virtualization, clustering, monitoring, etc.

The development group also has experience with developing solutions on a very high level. We off course use efficient Open Source technologies in the developing processes, and our methods of developing have been designed bearing in mind the principles of LEAN software developing.

Casalogic also has the use of a number of highly skilled freelancers, which enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs, – even when our own employees are too busy.

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:salg@casalogic.dk or phone +45 70 20 10 63